The kantha cloths, typical of Bangladesh and West Bengal, are an ancient tradition of resourcefulness and fine stitchery. The word kantha itself derives from the Sanskrit for ‘rags’, a reminder of the humble materials from which each kantha is made.

Layers of old, discarded saris and dhotis form the kantha, held together through intricate rows of running stitch. Embroidered stitches unite the multiple layers of salvaged cotton to form an un-wadded quilt, and characterise the kantha with a pleasing regularity.

Well-worn fragments and scraps of fabric are favoured for their softness from wear, and show a thrifty approach to the women who first made the kantha. The richly textured, stitched surface has a comforting hand feel, while the bright and joyful colours of the fabrics lend the cloth spontaneous beauty. VIDEO PROCESS


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