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Batik Hand Paint Shirt

Batik Hand Paint Shirt

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Batik is a process of using melted wax as a resist on fabric. The wax may be painted on a white or coloured fabric using a canting or brush or it may be stamped onto the fabric using a copper stamp dipped in melted wax.

The fabric is then dyed, and the areas that have been waxed will not be penetrable by the dye. The process can be repeated many times to get a multicoloured result.  Any irregularities or residual wax in the garments portrays the uniqueness of this handmade product.

Materials (Outer)

  • 100% Handwoven Cotton
  • Naturally dyed
  • Hand painted
  • Horn buttons/Shell buttons
  • True to size and Boxy fit


    Size (inches)

    S -          Chest (pit to pit) - 22 inches      Length - 26.5 inches
    Shoulder - 18 inches

    M -          Chest (pit to pit) - 23 inches      Length - 27 inches
    Shoulder - 18.75 inches

    L -          Chest (pit to pit) - 24 inches      Length - 27.5 inches
    Shoulder - 19.5 inches

    XL -          Chest (pit to pit) - 25 inches      Length - 28.25 inches
    Shoulder - 20 inches


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